This is a Fitness Podcast like no other.

Hi, My name is Frank Mills and my Co-Host Arman Eckelbarger focus on educating our audience, answering questions and strive to provide valuable common sense information about working out, nutrition and overall wellness. We want to help you live a healthier, happier, fit life.

Arman and I discuss and deal with the facts of fitness, nutrition and wellness and address the reality of what works and what does not, and that helped us decide the name of this show, Frank Mills “Reality Fitness”.

We met over a year ago and found out that we think alike about a lot of things but most importantly we both agreed that taking care of yourself is critical to your overall happiness and health. Together we answer questions and provide valuable common sense information and the show has evolved into a weekly podcast.

Arman Eckelbarger is a IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, NESTA Certified Personal Trainer, Age Management Coach & IMPACT Instructor with more than 24 years of experience. Arman is the Owner of Arman Eckelbarger’s Elite Exec Method. The focus of his business is to help you recapture your energy, understand how your hormones are affecting you, rejuvenate your lost muscle and lose your unwanted belly fat.

Arman Eckelbarger has worked tirelessly for more than two decades to help prepare clients for maintaining peak physical condition by educating them on the practices, procedures and performance metrics that he personally has used and found successful.